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Effective Termite Treatment with Sentricon® SYSTEM Colony Elimination

In the world of pest control, spring is termite season. These small winged creatures are often mistaken for ants, but often prove to be a larger threat to your home. Termites feed on wood, and may leave areas appearing to be water damaged, which can affect structural foundations, furniture, shelves, books and more. While termites may be difficult to detect, early and effective treatments can make the difference in minimizing damage and preserving your property.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for getting rid of termites in your home. Effective treatment requires targeting the source and eliminating the colony within the ground. Any termites found in the home have already swarmed and will likely die soon, at which point they can simply be vacuumed away. The main concern is colony elimination to prevent future swarming and to keep your property free of pests.

Conventional Termite Treatment

Conventional termite control relies on establishing a continuous chemical barrier in the soil around both sides of your foundation. For houses with crawlspaces, treatment includes applications to the soil around piers supporting your floor system. This barrier should prevent foraging termites from reaching the foundation and piers and, ultimately, the wood in your house.

Current state regulations require drilling and treating of the following:

  • Slabs that adjoin the house (e.g., the garage floor)
  • The voids in foundation walls, piers, etc. within 4 feet of known termite activity
  • The walls of earth-filled porches within 3-feet of the foundation wall and any structural wood

New Construction Termite Treatment

Not even a new home is safe against termites. Termites have been known to invade a new home in as little as a few months after completion. Our trained and certified termite experts can schedule your new home for treatment during or just after construction. Treatment options include either conventional treatments or the Sentricon® System. Adams Pest Control is a Certified Sentricon Specialist of the Sentricon® System.

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