Pest Control Services

Residential Services

Sonny Adams and his team of pest control technicians are residential pest control EXPERTS! We handle all manner of pest control, from ants, spiders, and termites, to mice and rats. We also provide service to eradicate bed bugs, a growing nationwide epidemic that has taken hold in central Illinois. In all cases, we will do an inspection to provide the best possible estimate of time, services, and cost involved in handling your situation.

Our professional service techs are trained extensively to inspect typical hiding places and identify conditions in your home that are conducive to structural pests. If pests are identified, you’ll be provided with specific suggestions for a course of action that will ALWAYS set your family’s health and safety as top priority. C.T. Adams Pest Control creates custom service plans built around the needs of each customer. While preventative service on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis is ideal, we are also happy to help with a one-time, problem-specific call.

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